Gert Jan talks about modelling socio-technical systems

Recently Gert Jan’s group at Wageningen started a collaboration with North-West University (NWU) in Johannesburg, South Africa. He collaborates with them in creating agent-based models of socio-technical systems, for instance, about safety culture in industry. During a visit to NWU, Gert Jan was interviewed by Hermien Zaaiman.  Culture’s Causes You can hear him talk about his … Read more

Gert Jan to speak at LILA Summit Harvard

On June 6th 2017, Gert Jan will speak at the 11th Annual LILA Summit at Harvard. LILA ( is a research project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education that convenes non-competing chief learning officers and chief innovation officers from 25 global organizations to push one another’s thinking and practices as they consider the future … Read more

Gert Jan speaks at Global Food Safety Conference

Food Safety is an issue of great importance to industry and consumers worldwide. The annual Global food Safety Conference travels the world, catering for industry and other stakeholders. Last week the 2017 edition took place in Houston, with 1200 delegates attending.Gert Jan held an invited keynote on Food Safety Culture. He argued that the same … Read more

VSM 2013 now available in 18 versions besides English

The VSM 2013 is being translated by researchers into the languages they need. Usually they do this painstakingly with back-translations. If researchers send us their version, we put it on the site for others to use.Today, the following languages are available: Arabic, Bosnian, Brazil, Chinese, German, Greek, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Persian, Polish, Russian, … Read more

Gert Jan to speak in Vienna on ‘Dark side of culture’

Gert Jan Hofstede will speak at the Christmas event of Sietar Austria. With perhaps a slight Freudian touch, his topic will be ‘The dark side of culture’. The lecture will take place Friday 25 November in Vienna. You can read more at the Sietar Austria site  here.

Gert Jan Hofstede on ‘Culture, a wall or a curtain?’ in Japan

Gert Jan Hofstede spoke at a cross-cultural management conference ‘the culture factor‘ in Japan. It was organised by itim Japan in collaboration with CicomBrains. Gert Jan delivered a keynote on the them ‘Culture, a wall or a curtain?’ (pdf). It played on the symbolic difference between these two words. Japanese are known to have used the word … Read more

Geert Hofstede to receive yet another Honorary Doctorate

On 21 October 2016, Geert Hofstede is to receive a Honorary Doctorate from Galati University in Romania. You can read more about is at this site. If your Romanian is substandard, you can first change the language to English.