Gert Jan speaks in Shanghai 29 & 30 Nov: Cleveringa & Seedlink

Gert Jan in Shanghai: Cleveringa and Seedlink

Gert Jan Hofstede will speak twice in Shanghai next week.

Cleveringa Event 29 November

On 29 November, Gert Jan will speal at the Dutch consulate. Alumni of Leiden University, Wageningen University and other Dutch universities are invited. More information, and registration:; select 'Shanghai' and register. 

Gert Jan will speak under the title 'Homo fabricatus' or 'artfully constructed human'. So far, bots and virtual humans often have behaviours that would qualify real people as hooligans or idiots. What does it take to be an artificial human who can be well-behaved in social situations? It will taken things such as politeness, reciprocity, and, yes, beyond these, also cultural awareness. Social scientific theories exist that can form a basis for modelling such social skills, and Gert Jan will discuss how to use these.

In case you'd like some background, consider this recent book chapter by Gert Jan "Mental actvity and culture: the elusive real world". Researchers can find it on ResearchGate or SpringerLink.

Seedlink day 30 November

Seedlink are a company that try to innovate hiring and selection of personnel using artificial intelligence. Here, too, the AI modules should preferably be socially aware. This is a fascinating area, largely unexplored.

Gert Jan will speak about the basics of culture, and how they play on on the work floor.

The official announcement put it as follows: "During this all-day exclusive event on Nov 30 in Shanghai, cross-cultural expert and international best-selling author, Professor Gert Jan Hofstede, takes you on a journey towards lasting corporate success. Top executives from Nio, Mobike, Microsoft, Li & Fung and Victoria’s Secret will be sharing insights on navigating the pitfalls, opportunities and benefits of organizational culture in the digital era. Seats are limited, so register today by dropping us an email at now!"