Ongoing research

Gert Jan’s work today

Compared to how much we understand of our world and our technology, we are still naive about ourselves as social creatures. Gert Jan is on a mission to capture essential elements of our social, relational, emotional life in models. He calls it artificial sociality. See the catchwords below, or go to the page 'ongoing research' and find some publications. The most recent view will be found in my profile in google scholar.

Or check "Gert Jan's Blog" in the site menu, where BOSS = Basics Of Social Science. There, you can find brief applications of my thinking on current issues, as well as new lines of enquiry.

Artificial Sociality

Artificial Intelligence tries to create robots and virtual agents that can think. People, however, are first and foremost social, relational creatures. Gert Jan firmly believes that the study of artificial sociality is now urgent. His mission for the coming decade is to develop good operable models and simulations to help researchers get a GRASP of social life at its most general. This will of course include culture.

Artificial Sociality Manifesto

With a number of fellow researchers, Gert Jan wrote a bold and elaborate text that articulates why artificial sociality is important, and how it could be done. See his BOSS Blog about it, or go for the Artificial Sociality Manifesto itself.

Inaugural speech 'Artificial Sociality: modelling the social mind

On Thursday, 17 January 2019, Gert Jan delivered his inaugural public speech as professor of Artificial Sociality, in the Auditorium of Wageningen University. A good recording of the lecture and visuals is available here. You can find a PDF of the lecture here: Oratieboekje_Hofstede_Artif-Sociality 2019 01 17

Complex Adaptive Systems

Most of Gert Jan's work in this decade focuses on computational modelling of the social side of complex adaptive systems. These can be socio-ecological or socio-technical. Gert Jan looks for the commonality across social systems, as well as the cultural variation.

Below you see an introduction video about this type of work at Wageningen University by Gert Jan and colleagues.

Culture’s Causes: the next challenge

A (rather) recent article in which Gert Jan unfolds his vision on practical research into culture: Culture's Causes, the next challenge, Distinguished Scholar essay, Strategic Management journal. Gert Jan briefly introduces it in the video below.