Friends of Hofstede

The logo

Yes, it says "Friends of Hofstede". The globe in the logo doubles as the letter o in "Hofstede" and in "of".

Mainly, it's a picture from Hofstede's Globe showing worldwide scores on the culture dimension of Long-Term Orientation, both validated and guesstimated. You can play around with views and dimensions, and see country details.

Friends of Hofstede

As of Spring 2021, we have started Friends of Hofstede.

This is a forum for cross-cultural consultants who wish to keep abreast of developments in research, and to exchange practices. Above all, we are committed to intellectual honesty in our work. To know more about the rules, check my Blog for the launch of Friends of Hofstede.

The Friends have monthly meetings in which we discuss current topics that touch on sociality and culture. The combined experience of participants make these meetings valuable.

In October 2023 the Friends had their first face-to-face meeting. Around 30 of them met during three days.

Friends of Hofstede on tour in 2023