Gert Jan Hofstede appointed professor of Artificial Sociality

Gert Jan Hofstede appointed professor of Artificial Sociality As of 17 May 2018, Gert Jan was appointed personal professor of Artificial Sociality at Wageningen University. A ‘personal professor’ at Wageningen is a full professor academically, without management role. This appointment is an acknowledgement of the scientific value of Gert Jan’s work on modelling social life. To know … Read more

Macedonian translation of VSM 2013 on

Lost in translation People answer questionnaires differently depending on the language in which they anser it. Typically, answers are more bland in foreign languages. Some meaning is lost in translation, because the heart is more closely connected with a mother tongue. This is why creating good translations of questionnaires can be important in cross-cultural reasearch. … Read more

Gert Jan speaks in Shanghai 29 & 30 Nov: Cleveringa & Seedlink

Gert Jan in Shanghai: Cleveringa and Seedlink Gert Jan Hofstede will speak twice in Shanghai next week. Cleveringa Event 29 November On 29 November, Gert Jan will speal at the Dutch consulate. Alumni of Leiden University, Wageningen University and other Dutch universities are invited. More information, and registration:; select ‘Shanghai’ and register.  Gert Jan will … Read more

Old and new Europeans:how to get along?

Are you in any way connected with contacts between old Europeans and immigrants? Foundation connect2us aims to help newcomers to Europe find their way. They offer materials such as cartoons and stories that help both older residents and newcomers understand issues around leadership, negotiation and communication. The training is available in English and Dutch. It … Read more

itim launches HofstedeInsights

itim, the Institute for Training in Intercultural Management based on the work of Geert Hofstede,  has just launched its new brand Hofstede Insights. The name symbolizes the fact that the consultancy is inspired by the insights offered by Geert Hofstede. The launch took place at a symbolic location: IBM, the Amsterdam office, where Geert first … Read more

Geert to speak at itim international’s CultureFactor conference 29 September 2017

This year’s itim international conference titled Conference Software of the Mind 2.0 – Cultural Diversity builds Innovation will take place in Amsterdam on 29 September 2017. the venue is…IBM Netherlands. Register here. Geert Hofstede will speak, linking the origins of his work, a large study at IBM in the nineteen sixties, with today’s application of it. … Read more