itim launches HofstedeInsights

(n.b. the item below is from 2017. As of October 2020, itim lost its licence to use the brand “Hofstede Insights”, as you can read here: partners)

itim, the Institute for Training in Intercultural Management based on the work of Geert Hofstede,  has just launched its new brand “Hofstede Insights”. The name symbolizes the fact that the consultancy is inspired by the insights offered by Geert Hofstede.

The launch took place at a symbolic location: IBM, the Amsterdam office, where Geert first met IBM people in the nineteen sixties.

Both Geert and Gert Jan spoke at the launch, symbolizing their continued commitment. Geert gave a historic overview of the dawn of his model, as well as a few pieces of advice. Several other speakers brought insight from practice, including Bart Somers, mayor of Mechelen. Have a look at this site where you can find live coverage of the event. It’s worth your time.