Michael Minkov

Michael Minkov

Michael Minkov is a Bulgarian linguist and polyglot. He contacted Geert in the first decade of the 21st century. He had been carrying out cross-country analyses on publicly available cross-national data collected through the World Values Survey. Michael had found amazing new relationships. His dimension of Monumentalism became, in the 2010 edition of Cultures & Organizations, a modified Long-term Orientation. From his work, a sixth dimension "Indulgence versus Restraint" was also added to the Hofstede model of national culture.

Michael is Professor of Cross-Cultural Awareness and Organizational Behaviour at International University College, Bulgaria.

Cross-Cultural Analysis

Michael Minkov undertook a major inventory of cross-cultural studies, resulting in a book Cross-Cultural Analysis: the Science and Art of the World's Modern Societies and Their Cultures.

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Misho Minkov