BOSS blog 1: Do cultures change?

This is the first of a series of blogs I intend to publish here. I call them BOSS for Basics of Social Science. They are intended for a general audience of people who need science to help them solve real-world issues. The aim is to address topics that I think are important, with a view … Read more

Expected: Cultures and Organizations 3rd ed in Chinese

A much-awaited event is the appearance of the official Chinese translation of the bestselling ‘Cultures and Organizations, software of the mind’, 3rd edition by Geert Hofstede, Gert Jan Hofstede and Michael Minkov. A launch event is foreseen for May 10th 2019. We’ll try to keep you posted. Meanwhile, you can keep an eye on your … Read more

Gert Jan in Joburg on Artificial Sociality and safety culture

Gert Jan took this seven-minute interview when he accepted his extraordinary professorship at North-West University (NWU), he a distributed university in South Africa (previous post at He answers questions about his work on artificial sociality and about safety culture. This latter topic is one of the spearheads of the centre for risk management of … Read more

19 November: Gert Jan to accept professorship in Johannesburg

Risk culture The Centre for Applied Risk Management at North-West University in Johannesburg supports the industry in South Africa. It investigates both the technical and the social aspects of risk management, as well as their interactions. This implies a focus on risk culture, and a systems perspective. Gert Jan’s role Gert Jan’s focus on agent-based … Read more

VSM 2013 now also in Slovenian

Hello all of you cross-cultural researchers that want to include Slovenia in your studies. Here is the Slovenian translation of the VSM 2013, thanks to Andreja Terpotec . Thank you Andreja! Some methodological advice Reader, since you are reading this, will you please, please spread the message that no, the VSM is *not* an individual-level questionnaire … Read more

A history and agenda for research on culture in business

A worthwhile read Here is a worthwhile article By Rosalie Tung and Günther Stahl, for those of you interested in research methodology. Unfortunately, it is not Open Access. I (Gert Jan Hofstede) do not normally quote articles at this place, but this one nicely summarizes where the field is at. Rigour and relevance at odds, … Read more

Modelling culture in intelligent virtual agents

If you want to model culture in virtual agents, you first need to give them a motivational system. This is what we, a set of researchers in EU-project eCute, did in the study reported here. We created the virtual world of TRAVELLER. The agents in this world have an emotional life driven by status worthiness … Read more

Save the date: Gert Jan Hofstede’s inaugural speech 17 Jan 2019

Gert Jan Hofstede is pleased to invite anyone interested to his inaugural address. He will deliver it in the Aula (Auditorium) of Wageningen University on 17 January 2019 at 4PM. This talk marks his appointment as a personal professor of ‘Artificial Sociality’ at the Information Technology group, Social Sciences, Wageningen University. The lecture will be … Read more

Gert Jan Hofstede appointed professor of Artificial Sociality

As of 17 May 2018, Gert Jan was appointed personal professor of Artificial Sociality at Wageningen University. A ‘personal professor’ at Wageningen is a full professor academically, without management role. This appointment is an acknowledgement of the scientific value of Gert Jan’s work on modelling social life. To know more, read his vision on artificial sociality here: … Read more