19 November: Gert Jan to accept professorship in Johannesburg

Gert Jan professor at Centre for Applied Risk Management

Risk culture

The Centre for Applied Risk Management at North-West University in Johannesburg supports the industry in South Africa. It investigates both the technical and the social aspects of risk management, as well as their interactions. This implies a focus on risk culture, and a systems perspective.

Gert Jan's role

Gert Jan's focus on agent-based modelling of socio-technical systems fits perfectly with the Centre's mission. This is why the centre offers him the role of extraordinary professor.

Prestige lecture on 19 November

Gert Jan will accept the position by delivering a public lecture on 19 November at 10 AM in NWU Vaal Triangle Campus, Building 24, Executive Boardroom. Contact lynn.booysen@nwu.ac.za.

Elephant paths

The lecture will focus on results that obtain without anyone designing them. The picture shows an example of 'elephant paths' in Joburg. Why the splitting and joining? Nobody designed it, but it happened. Elephant paths occur in all social systems.