Gert Jan to speak at LILA Summit Harvard

On June 6th 2017, Gert Jan will speak at the 11th Annual LILA Summit at Harvard.

LILA ( is a research project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education that convenes non-competing chief learning officers and chief innovation officers from 25 global organizations to push one another’s thinking and practices as they consider the future of human development and creativity in the workplace. Members include Cisco, Google, Ebay Steelcase, CIA, 3M, Fresnius, Bechtel, Marketo, Deloitte, US Army and Home Team Academy of Singapore. Each academic year, the LILA community explores a topic related to organizational learning. The theme for 2017 will be Adaptive Cultures: How Institutions Set Conditions for Success.

Evolution of cultures
Gert Jan’s topic is ‘evolution of cultures’. His talk will bring a broader context to the idea of organizational culture. Organizations are embedded in societies and their cultural history. Many of these ideas are expounded in chapter 12 of Cultures & Organizations. Gert Jan will also touch upon some newer work.