BOSS Blog 10: Status and power make the world go round

Does money make the world go round? “Money makes the world go round”. Not the gold, the paper, or even the information of it. What matters is the status and power that money can bring. Consider: o   With money, one can become a philanthropist and help people o   With money, one can buy weapons, sex, … Read more

BOSS Blog 9 – Corona across cultures

Corona across cultures By Gert Jan Hofstede, 2020 04 08 The corona pandemic is a big equalizer. We are all ants in the same huge human family hive that got infested by a tiny, deadly intruder. No, wait! The corona pandemic shames and isolates us, making us lonely individuals and isolated countries, hiding away, scared … Read more

BOSS Blog 8: The meaning of life

By Gert Jan Hofstede, 2020 03 18 My father died happy My father Geert died on 12 February this year, at age 91. He had lived through a difficult year. He’d drawn a bad lot: a debilitating disease gradually robbed him of the use of his hands, his legs, his other muscles, his speech. Yet, … Read more

Geert Hofstede passed away

Geert Hofstede passed away Geert Hofstede passed away on 12 February 2020, at the age of 91 years. He was ready to go, and surrounded by his family. Cross-cultural understanding Geert is one of the scholars from the 20th century whose work will endure. It is being used by tens of thousands of students and … Read more

Hofstede archive to be opened at Groningen University

Hofstede archive Geert Hofstede was thorough and read widely. He also did not leave any loose ends. During his long career, he created a vast wealth of documentation.  Guided by Geert, Iekje Smit and colleagues at Groningen University library collected the works and made them public. Opening ceremony 14 February 2020 Do you want to … Read more

Which is stronger, National or organizational culture?

White rhino versus tiger As a child, I asked my father which was stronger, a white rhino or a tiger. Vexingly, I never got a direct answer. Today, students ask me which is stronger, national or organizational culture. I give them a question in return: “Which is stronger, the climate or the weather?” Weather versus … Read more

BOSS blog 5: Freedom and climate change

BOSS Blog 5, Gert Jan Hofstede,  2010 07 27 Hothouse Earth arriving North-Western Europe has just spent a week in the throes of the worst heat wave within living memory. In an email exchange with fellow researchers, us Northerners complained. A (Flemish) lady living in Rome replied: “PS. on the heat: I feel a bit … Read more

BOSS Blog 4: The Brexit Crisis, a cultural reading

Britain’s Brexit crisis on BBC – a cultural reading Gert Jan Hofstede 2019 07 20 On 18 July 201, BBC One Panorama brought ‘The Brexit crisis’, a documentary in which Nick Robinson talks with many of the proponents in the unfolding Brexit story ( This documentary could be a good classroom exercise on cultural differences … Read more

Chinese edition of Cultures & Organizations 3rd edition launched

The third edition of Cultures & Organizations: Software of the mind has been translated into Chinese by Professor Zhang Wei and Dr Wang Shuo. It was published by Century Wave Culture Development Co. Ltd. Here is a picture from the launch ceremony in Beijng last month, facilitated by our partner ODE Consulting. Dr. Bart Hofstede, … Read more