3000 an Earth Odyssey

Gert Jan's farewell address

On 21 March 2024, Gert Jan Hofstede holds his official farewell address as professor. This is a ritual that changes a professor into a "professor emeritus" (announcement here).

Actually, it's not really a farewell, since he is still attached to Wageningen University, Urban Economics Group.

Online access

The talk will be accessible both live and afterwards, by selecting the video.


The lecture has pictures and music, but not a great deal of detail. If you are interested in something solidly scientific, you can find a Handout for 3000 an Earth Odyssey here. The handout points to many publications upon which Gert Jan based the lecture. If you want to build agent-based models with artificial sociality, you can find inspiration in models that he created. there are pointers to those in the handout as well.