Announcing: Hofstede’s Globe

Hofstede’s globe In 1985 or so, I made a perspex globe for Geert, showing cultures across the world in colour. Since then, the Internet came along, and Hofstede’s globe is now within reach of every Web-enabled researcher or student. I thought it a fitting addition to the Geert Hofstede exhibition. World coverage is incomplete The … Read more

Geert Hofstede online exhibition “An Engineer’s Odyssey” to open 12 February 2021

Commemorating Geert Hofstede We are pleased to announce the opening of the online exhibition “An Engineer’s Odyssey”, about the life and work of Geert Hofstede. You will find it as of 12 February 2021, one year after his death, on The exhibition follows his life right from his birth in 1928 until his 90th … Read more