VSM 2013 now also in Slovenian

Hello all of you cross-cultural researchers that want to include Slovenia in your studies. Here is the Slovenian translation of the VSM 2013, thanks to Andreja Terpotec . Thank you Andreja! Some methodological advice Reader, since you are reading this, will you please, please spread the message that no, the VSM is *not* an individual-level questionnaire … Read more

A history and agenda for research on culture in business

A worthwhile read Here is a worthwhile article By Rosalie Tung and Günther Stahl, for those of you interested in research methodology. Unfortunately, it is not Open Access. I (Gert Jan Hofstede) do not normally quote articles at this place, but this one nicely summarizes where the field is at. Rigour and relevance at odds, … Read more