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Geert and Gert Jan Hofstede’s site

This is Geert Hofstede's and Gert Jan Hofstede's academic web site. Here you can find, among others:

itim and Hofstede Insights

itim is a Europe-based consultancy licensed by Geert Hofstede bv.

Itim carries the brand 'Hofstede Insights' that offers tools, consulting and training services based on Hofstede’s work on national culture. 

Other activities by itim fall under the brand 'Best Culture to Perform'. This mainly includes organization-level tools in the field of business strategy, culture and change.

ITAP international

ITAP International, Inc. is a US-based consultancy licensed by Geert Hofstede bv.

ITAP developed the CWQ, 'Culture in the Workplaces Questionnaire' application, an indicative individual-level tool for assessing one’s cultural values based on the Hofstede dimensions of national culture. ITAP and its international Affiliates use the CWQ results in research, consulting, training and coaching to focus on culture’s impact on a wide variety of global business interactions.