Ongoing research

Complex Adaptive Systems

Most of Gert Jan's work in this decade focuses on computational modelling of the social side of complex adaptive systems. These can be socio-ecological or socio-technical. Gert Jan looks for the commonality across social systems, as well as the cultural variation.

Below you see an introduction video about this type of work at Wageningen University by Gert Jan and colleagues.

Socio-Technical Systems

At his research group INF, applied information technology, at Wageningen University, Gert Jan now concentrates on socio-technical systems. See

Culture’s Causes: the next challenge


A recent article in which Gert Jan unfolds his vision on practical research into culture: Culture's Causes, the next challenge, Distinguished Scholar essay, Strategic Management journal. Gert Jan briefly introduces it in the video below.

For more information about Gert Jan's ongoing work at Wageningen, check the Silico centre Wageningen.