Gert Jan talks about modelling socio-technical systems

Recently Gert Jan’s group at Wageningen started a collaboration with North-West University (NWU) in Johannesburg, South Africa. He collaborates with them in creating agent-based models of socio-technical systems, for instance, about safety culture in industry. During a visit to NWU, Gert Jan was interviewed by Hermien Zaaiman.  Perspectives on culture with Prof Gert Jan Hofstede … Read more

Gert Jan to speak at LILA Summit Harvard

On June 6th 2017, Gert Jan will speak at the 11th Annual LILA Summit at Harvard. LILA ( is a research project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education that convenes non-competing chief learning officers and chief innovation officers from 25 global organizations to push one another’s thinking and practices as they consider the future … Read more

VSM 2013 now available in 18 versions besides English

VSM 2013: 18 translations as a shared resource for researchers The VSM 2013 is being translated by researchers into the languages they need. Usually they do this painstakingly with back-translations. If researchers send us their version, we put it on the site for others to use. Today, the following languages are available: Arabic, Bosnian, Brazil, … Read more